Growth Mindset

There are two types of mindsets that fixed and growth mindsets. I will offer you the information about growth mindset as this is way to move forward and develop on the areas you wish to improve.

Growth Mindset:

  • To grow the mind you must be willing to learn.
  • Be willing to open and accept feedback
  • Learn from feedback and be willing create a plan of development
  • Effort is the key and be flexible in your approach. An athlete didn’t become a great sports person because they rested on only their talent they held. They worked hard and tried different methods to become an even better sports person
  • Embrace your mistakes and be willing to acknowledge them to be able to learn and move forward
  • Create a clear plan on how you can better. Problem solve the areas you feel are weak or what requires the most practice from yourself. Be honest in what you are capable on but be willing to move outside of the boundaries
  • Growth mindset is a circle effect, where it is constant repetition in looking at how you can move forward, become better in what you want to achieve. Achieve the goals, receive setbacks, learn from the setbacks, drive results and then begin all over again.


In a fixed mindset students believe their basic abilities, their intelligence, their talents, are just fixed traits. They have a certain amount and that’s that, and then their goal becomes to look smart all the time and never look dumb. In a growth mindset students understand that their talents and abilities can be developed through effort, good teaching and persistence. They don’t necessarily think everyone’s the same or anyone can be Einstein, but they believe everyone can get smarter if they work at it.”

By Carol Dweck

Here is also a Ted Talk by Carol Dweck:

Carol Dweck Ted Talk

“I want to grow but I do not know how to move forward.”

How about I help you with that?  A helping hand and some planning time maybe all you need.

I would like to assist others in them achieving their growth mindset.   Moving towards your goals.  Keeping it simple and working towards it and making mistakes and learning along the way.

I would love to hear from you.

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How to Grow Strong Roots and stay Faithful to Yourself as an Individual

I like the idea of growing strong roots.   To grow strong roots mean you know that the foundation is strong.  The layers have been added over time and you have experienced life to know your likes, dislikes and your personal values have been set.   Our values will generally be passed down from our parents their religion, culture and attitude on life this will determine the personality we host.


For the foundation to grow strong; you need to look an individual’s Values, Attitudes and Norms; these are the primary fundamentals of how any individual works.   People are complex but when you break down the traits of their behavior we all have similarities this is derived from our attitude, context, personality and our habits.


To grow strong roots you need to block out the noise.  You need to step outside of what you already know and test the boundaries you have set up.   Think about doing something different.  It is very important to strengthen your mind; as strong mind will mean that you can handle longer more complicated tasks.  There will be a willingness to want to grow and you will be much more motivated.  We are not weak it is actually how we handle different situations and how we programme our minds to react.  Extreme situations can only be practiced if you are placed in that situation on a frequent manner.  We can still look at methodologies to create a change or bring about a pattern that allows a high brain pattern frequency.


How can we train our brains to become more agile?


Be dedicated to your goal, do not lose sight of it and repeat the mantra of how you will tackle it.  To become a great athlete you need to practice until you bleed and then practice some more and then you practice all over again.  For some this is the possible route, for others it works in a different manner (I haven’t worked that out yet).  But what I do believe is that you have to lose something to become winner.


I leave it for now as it’s quite late and I would like to leave you with something before a start of the new week.  Best of luck with the week ahead, the biggest challenge is putting yourself out there.  For me the first 15 minutes of running is the hardest but the last fifteen minutes is the easiest and before I know it I’ve ran 5km.


Thank you very much for reading.  I would always love to hear from you!

Moving forward

It has been sometime since I have posted any entries on this site. I would like to say that I did not lose focus on my site; I have been trying to help and support others around me with the time available to myself.

Let’s begin with what has happened in almost a year since the last entry. I worked very hard at my health, not that I was a very unhealthy person but it all stemmed from my best friend purchasing a personal training session. She knew how much my weight and health meant to me. It took me over 7 months to use her gift and never did she or her know what a pivotal gift this would have been and life chafing even.

My one session with the personal trainer changed my whole life!

The P/T session made me realise that the stresses of my life did not need to bound me or suffocate me. We live with task lists, priorities that are in and out of control. Goals that are forever changing and pursuits of happiness in and outside of life. The P/T made me think that possibly I could do this myself. I didn’t have the time to see her on a regular basis and I thought I would try out the out the local gym again. I would go back to running and see where this took me. I stumbled across a fantastic instructor who taught me how to beyond and how to challenge your body.

Mind and body. Comes hand and in hand.

How we deal with the stresses of life depends upon ones personality. My long story short. The balance in my mind from the high impact sports that I carry out have levelled me out as professional individual, it has brought inner harmony that has carried forth to my children. My daughter has shown a great interest in sports and I believe with the right tuition she will too be strong in sports and the love of life I’ll be felt further.

Bringing me back to the future tense. Why do I bring you my brief story about sports and exercise.

A healthy body means you can tackle more. Your brain works faster. You are not out of breath from the smallest of task. You remember more and you are stressed less.

2018 is about moving forward, creating growth in the mind, learning more and challenging myself in and outside of work. I want to be informative where I can, supportive where possible and brighten the lives of others around me. Growth should not be taken in an individualistic manner but totality; allows others and become a tree.

Becoming a tree means your roots are strong and your branches are growing.

Grow your mind, your heart and allows others to join you in this journey. Make it revolutionary and make it happen!

The First Blog Entry

I have always been passionate about challenging myself, looking at ways to stretch my thinking and be an advocate that changing times require an adaptable person. This blog will be a vehicle to express how I go about this, a mother, professional, wife, friend and daughter.   I have made a promise to myself to stay as genuine as possible and to work harder as each day passes.  
I would like to incoperate topics like our mind the modern computer, how upbringing effects our rationale and how beneficial it is to give to others and keeping fit and staying healthy. I would like to take the reader on a journey and widen your mindset to want to challenge yourself further. 
I am hoping that a few of you will step forward with your own tips, interviews and your stance on how to keep motivated in this ever changing world.  What do you struggle with and how have you overcome your personal battle’s and succeeded when you thought  that there really was no hope. 

I leave you with Nelson Mandela’s quote below. Successes can be empty but when you have picked yourself up from a fall nad continued forth even stronger; this holds more weight than any successes.

Thank you for reading. 

I hope you come back again soon.